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You have crashed on a dangerous planet. Help is on the way, but can you wait for it?
Kill monsters, gain experience and upgrade your character. 
You only need to hold out for 15 minutes.

Movement: WASD or ARROWS
Aim: MOUSE (auto fire)

This game can be regarded as a small spin-off of my other game - REPLIKATOR.

The 3D model from the "free sci-fi spaceships pack" set, authored by niko-3d-models, is taken as the basis of the crashed ship.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
TagsDifficult, Female Protagonist, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite, Sci-fi, Shoot 'Em Up, Short, Top-Down, Top down shooter


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i did it!

Great game but the random power ups make it impossible to create cohesive synergies.

If you want to keep the 4 random skills, maybe make 4 categories of skills: Attack (damage, rate of fire, range, etc), Visibility (scorching vision, slow down, overview, etc), Getting Hit (invulnerability, thorns, etc), Misc (first aid, increased health, etc).

Or some other grouping just for consistency so players can focus on creating aggressive builds or defensive builds, technical builds, etc.


Thanks for feedback. Now the development of the game is suspended, but I will return to it later and try to take into account the opinions of the players.

still great fun. would love a "continue" option just to see how far i could get.


The game is great! Very difficult, but I wouldnt like it any other way. One suggestion I have is that maybe you could add some kind of on hit AoE upgrade? Other than that, I dont know what you could do without adding in entire characters for different playstyles.


finally, lol. great game, very frustrating at time but that makes it all the better when you beat it.


Love the game but the random powerups are really annoying. I'd like all upgrade trees to be available so i can build the way i want. 

Would prefer a health bar too and someway or gradually restoring health, i've lost three lives in under a second when swarmed, game's over before you know what's happened.

still haven't got past 8 mins :-(

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The game feels great! It's really satisfying to hit the bug aliens. It could just be I haven't figured out how to make other builds work, but it feels like Piercing Bullets + Extra Shot is by far the best way to get the kind of multi-kill power you need - the other area-damage type effects like Scorching Gaze, Thorns, and Shrapnel feel like they just don't pack enough punch to make up for it if you pick them over Piercing Bullets or Extra Shot. Again, it could just be my play style, but I think it'd be cool if there were more different directions to specialize in, so each playthrough felt more distinct based on which things you got offered. All that said, though, I'm really loving this game, I can't stop playing it!

Hi! The game is at the prototype stage, so there is little content in it yet. But I'm glad you liked it! Hopefully I'll be back to development soon.

Game is unplayable on FF. Enemies randomly speed-up and you haven't time to eliminate them.


love the game, very good and entertaining!

update broke the game? mobs have about 10 times the movespeed than the video in the comments. unplayable. also invulnerable when hit upgrade does nothing. that already seems to be active at game start? or the upgrade is meant to extend that duration and doesnt. 

Hi! I checked the game in several browsers, and did not notice any problems with the speed of mobs.Perhaps I can figure out the problem if I know the configuration of your computer, as well as the browser in which you run the game.

The Invulnerable upgrade significantly increases the invulnerability time after taking damage.

Im playing this in firefox and the enemies are super fast and hard to hit

I have updated the game. Tell me, is the problem solved?

the speed issue is fixed with the update, yes. the invulnerable upgrade still doesn't work. duration is the same, with or without the upgrade.

I just checked and made sure everything works. Invulnerability time increases by 0.5 seconds for each upgrade level.
Nevertheless, I will conduct some tests, perhaps this is the same problem as with the speed of mobs, which does not manifest itself in all users.

Made a small fix let me know if the problem is solved.


This was a really fun game. Keep up the great work! 


Very very nice!

Wow! The game made me remember some of my old favorite games! I am waiting for the continuation and development of the game!